Winto Better World Oy is a consulting business established to simultaneously benefit our clients and the environment. Environmental responsibility is an important value but in some cases laborious to manage. The best solutions often require different kind of planning and projects, which can use a lot of available personnel resources. Winto can help companies, administration and institutions to achieve the best business benefits together with better environmental compliance.

The founder of Winto has more than 20 years of experience in the waste and recycling sector and five years of experience in developing the demolition industry in Finland and Europe. Winto is promoting the circular economy in many ways. Extensive networks in various industries help advance knowledge, databases, material reuse and recycling. Winto is actively developing demolition training in Finland and utilizes international networks. Winto is also active in the field of lobbying, strengthening the operating conditions of the recycling industry.

Winto's human capital consists of knowledge of various sectors, both public, private and third sector. The circular economy is about bringing together different actors and building networks, which requires a broad knowledge of the sectors and the administration: Winto has expertise in all these business areas. Winto promotes the circular economy and, independently of its various interests, finds the best practices for each customer. International networks allow local actors to replicate best practices.

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Specialties: Circular economy, waste legislation, waste management, environmental issues, sustainable development, project management, education.